For the last 14 years I've been a writer and multimedia producer in San Francisco. My professional experience includes everything from technical writing to breaking news; live broadcast engineering to documentary production; digital photography, compositing, illustration and animation; and packaging, promoting and publishing content for print, broadcast and online.

Since 2013 I have been employed independently as a freelance content producer, which has including writing and video work. A a writer I've most recently contributed to the SF Weekly, Uptown Almanac and the San Francisco Appeal. As a contract producer, I've worked on live event and fundraising campaigns for clients including ReadWrite, Eddie.com, ThousandEyes, Revelation in Fit and Doctor Popular. Before 2013 I spent over two years at Joyent as Multimedia Manager providing creative services and content strategy: Creating dozens of videos from screencasts to customer testimonials, editing the company blog while helping manage social media channels, and providing support for every aspect of trade show production.

In 2015 I started restoring and building up bicycles, and have graduated from a fumbling amateur to volunteer mechanic and now veteran staff member at the San Francisco Bike Kitchen. You're most likely to find me on Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:00 pm during my regular shift trying to convince someone to install fenders.


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I am the founding editor of SFist and have additionally contributed to The Awl, Laughing Squid, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Curbed SF, mcweeneys.net, Penthouse, PC World, FastCompany, New York Magazine, Other Magazine and CNet. Some of my most popular and polished work is presented on Contently. Archives from NBC Bay Area, Gawker Media and GigaOm are also available.


Destroy All Presets Infomercial

Doctor Popular presents the hits from his chiptune opus, , for which fans contributed more than $11,000 towards creating a custom Gameboy Advance cartridge from the album.

Demo Day: Podo

Eddie Lee, President and Co-founder of Podo Labs, presents the Podo, a bluetooth camera that goes anywhere to give you new perspectives on your life. For more demo day videos I helped shoot, engineer and edit, check out playlists for the the 2014 startup classes from January and June.

ReadWrite Mix: Dennis Crowley

Dodgeball and Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley talks with ReadWrite Executive Editor Owen Thomas about the past and future of mobile location services. Find more of my ReadWrite Mix coverage on ReadWrite TV.

TEDx Market Street

Stamen Design's Eric Rodenbeck talks about his experiences with life in the heart of San Francisco, including Crimespotter, private corporate shuttle maps and community art and development projects to kick off a day of presentations offering neighborhood views and civic visions.

Quizlet on Joyent

The most popular video on Joyent's YouTube channel with over 38,000 views, Quizlet founder and CEO Andrew Sullivan explains why his company uses Node.js and SmartOS to host the company's innovative, popular and award-winning interactive education tools.